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383 SBC Balanced and Assembled Short Block

$3899.99 CDN

plus taxes with core exc

Hypereutectic pistons

Steel I-Beam Rods

Cast Steel Stroker Crank

500 hp capable short block

includes Balancer & Flexplate


Forged Pistons

H-Beam Rods

Forged Steel Crank

Hi-Performance Rod & Main Bearings

Fully Machined, Balanced & Assembled

4.6/5.4 litre Modular Short Block

Forged Flat Top Pistons

Steel I-Beam Rods

Stroker Steel Crank

Moly Rings

Clevite 77 bearings

331/347 SBF Balanced & Assembled Short Block

"When you already have some pretty solid rear wheel horsepower numbers, getting more can be a difficult task."


Misener Motorsports does an upscale exhaust install on a Shelby for RPM Magazine, to increase hp & torque while producing an envious growl.


$5499.99 CDN

plus taxes with core exc

"Who would have ever thought that we would see a 'crate motor' dropped into a full weight production car and run 10-second ETs in the quarter mile?

in motorsports publishing for 17 years, bringing a diverse mix of high performance street and race automobiles to life within its pages. 

 RPM Magazine is
dedicated to insane
drag cars and wild
street machines and 
has been a world leader 



  • NEW 31 spline tru trac posi

  • NEW 31 spline axles 5 bolt or 4 bolt

  • NEW Gears your choice of ratio

  • NEW Bearings and Seals

  • NEW Steel Diff Cover

  • Cleaned and Painted housing!

  • Many other options available

These rear ends are also professionally set up to proper specs with correct tooling!


$1999.99 CDN

with exchange of your old complete rear end

$3899.99 CDN

plus taxes with core exc